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Doctors launch #SOSMoria initiative to evacuate Greek refugee camp




Over 5,000 doctors from all over Europe have come together to support the initiative #SOSMoria, which aims to evacuate thousands of migrants trapped at the overcrowded Moria camp in Greece amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea for the initiative came from Dutch doctors, Steven Van Der Fieffer and Sane van der Koi, who are currently offering their services in the Moria camp.

“The coronavirus pandemic that threatens to overwhelm the camps will have catastrophic consequences for the refugees, the Greek inhabitants and the rest of our European society,” the doctors wrote in a statement.

“As doctors in Europe, we call on the leaders of our governments and of the European Union to bring refugees to safety immediately.”

Doctors from all over Europe travel to Moria camp to help vulnerable migrants. Source: Twitter.

Moria camp on Lesvos Island has been repeatedly criticised by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for inhumane living conditions.

According to doctors from the #SOSMoria initiative, it is almost impossible to practice ‘social distancing’ in the camp as there are more than 35,000 migrants in a space designated to accommodate only 3,000.

The #SOSMoria initiative’s slogan.

“It is an illusion to think that a COVID-19 outbreak in these camps could be kept under control. 40,000 people are living on a few square kilometres. There is only a handful of doctors present. Many children and adults are already ravaged by physical and mental traumas,” the initiative states.

“As European doctors, we are obliged to do everything possible to prevent this medical catastrophe… and provide medical care to all people, irrespective of their personal background.”

If you would like to sign the petition or find out more about the initiative, please visit: https://en.sosmoria.eu/

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