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Death toll rises from devastating floods in Greece




The toll of casualties resulting from the effects of Storm Daniel in Thessaly continues to climb, with the discovery of an elderly man’s body in the Ellinopirgos area of Karditsa. This unfortunate incident has brought the total known fatalities to three, reported Ekathimerini.

The 82-year-old man was found lifeless, trapped beneath a car, a tragic consequence of being swept away by the relentless downpour and subsequent flooding while attempting to leave his residence.

In a previous incident, the remains of an elderly woman were recovered in close proximity to a coastal community in the southern Pelion region, near the port city of Volos on the Pagasetic Gulf, as reported by the fire brigade, according to amna.gr.

The initial victim of this devastating weather event was a man who tragically lost his life when a wall collapsed on him during adverse weather conditions in Volos on Tuesday.

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Severe flooding from Storm Daniel in Greece. Photo: InTime News.

Thessaly, located in central Greece, has borne the brunt of severe flooding over the past 48 hours, according to the National Observatory of Athens weather service, Meteo.

Since Monday, Storm Daniel has unleashed landslides, led to the destruction of a bridge, caused power poles to collapse, and swept away numerous vehicles in its muddy waters. These calamities followed closely on the heels of a two-week-long deadly wildfire that had raged in the northern region.

Furthermore, sections of Athens have also been inundated by the relentless storm.

Weather forecasts indicate that the tempest is expected to persist until Thursday evening. 

Source: amna.gr and Ekathimerini

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