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BREAKING: Fire breaks out in migrant camp at Turkey-Greece border as tents are burnt down [Video]




A fire has broken out in a Turkish migrant camp on the Greece-Turkey border, shown to be destroying tents and setting the forest ablaze.

The video below, shared by Twitter user Mr Hosseinzadeh, shows migrants attempting to flee burning tents as large crowds gather.

With multiple people gathering in close proximity, there are concerns that it could become an infection source for the coronavirus.

Multiple reports are emerging that the fire was started by Turkish forces. Twitter user Nic Athens shared this video, showing the fire very close to the Evros border, which is patrolled by Greek authorities.

Last Thursday, footage emerged of migrants constructing and deploying makeshift bridges as they are repelled with tear gas at the Greek-Turkish border.

On social media, users posted videos of reportedly 500 migrants that are hauling what are supposedly bridges meant to lay across barbed wire fencing, allowing migrants to climb over quickly. The migrants faced resistance at the border in the form of Greek police, who used tear gas to stop the migrants.

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According to idnes.cz, tear gas was also used by the Turkish police against the Greek security forces. Turkey has been accused by Greek media and European correspondents numerous times for trying to help migrants enter Greece.

More to come.

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