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Australia’s new Ambassador to Greece meets with President Sakellaropoulou




New Ambassador of Australia in Greece, Alison Duncan, was received by the President of Greece, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, on Friday, July 14.

Ms Duncan took over from outgoing Ambassador Arthur Spyrou in early July.

In a Twitter post, Ms Duncan said her meeting with Ms Sakellaropoulou was “very special” as she presented her diplomatic credentials to the President.

“I am honoured to take on the responsibility of promoting this great bilateral relationship,” Ms Duncan wrote.

According to The Australian Embassy, Greece, the Greek President and Ms Duncan discussed the past, present and future of the bilateral relationship between Greece and Australia.

“Looking to the future, the Ambassador and the Greek President discussed mutual interests, collaboration in the multilateral sphere, and the growing trade and investment links between the two countries,” the post reads.

On the day, Sakellaropoulou also received the credentials of the Ambassador for the Islamic Republic of Iran, Malek Hossein Givzad; the Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, José Luis Pombo; the Ambassador of the Republic of India, Rudrendra Tandon; and the head of the Palestinian Diplomatic Mission in Greece, Yussef Victor Dorkhom.

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