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Australian schools join forces with Ellinopoula to bring Greek school learning online




With the coronavirus hampering the progress of children learning Greek at school, Ellinopoula, an online Greek schooling program, is looking to bring Greek learning into peoples homes and more Australian schools.

Ellinopoula is promoted as a more “fun” way of learning Greek, offering over 5000 interactive activities and over 400 “classroom” videos that “teach kids Greek as though they are actually in a classroom”. The website contains games, videos, and thousands of interactive educational activities for students and a range of management tools for schools and teachers.

Speaking exclusively with the Greek Herald, CEO of Ellinopoula Anna Sakkis revealed she is excited for the growing expansion across Australia.

“We have many individual subscribers in Australia and currently, many Australian schools have requested a trial of Ellinopoula,” Anna reveals to The Greek Herald.

In Australia, the Ellinopoula platform is currently used by three schools:

  • Darwin Greek school, Darwin, Australia
  • Renmark West Primary School, Adelaide, Australia
  • Paideia Greek school, Melbourne, Australia

Ellinopoula has gained increased popularity since the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe, forcing Greek schools in Australia and the USA to temporarily close.

CEO of Ellinopoula, Anna Sakis. Photo: Supplied

Anna differences themselves to modern Greek school programs, as their e-learning program focuses on bringing Greek education into the lives of children every day of the week.

“We knew that learning Greek once or twice a week is not enough for kids, so we created a fun platform requiring only 5 minutes of engagement a day – and we’ve been overwhelmed by parents telling us their kids stay on the app for much longer!”, Anna said in a press release last Wednesday.

However, Ms Sakkis reveals that the programs high price tag is often a deterrent for many. Despite this, she hopes that Australian parents and schools trial the educational program.

“During the current coronavirus epidemic many have asked us to give it to schools for free. I would love nothing more but to be able to do that,” Anna says to The Greek Herald.

“However, being a cutting edge start-up platform with original content, overhead running expenses – server capacity and bandwidth among them – increase with increased traffic.

“We do understand that it takes time to appreciate the full breadth and depth of Ellinopoula, but we are positive that Ellinopoula will be widely adopted by many Australian schools soon as it has been adopted by parents.”

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