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Vow Foods cofounder George Peppou says their lab-grown meat is more environmentally friendly




George Peppou joins a growing list of young ‘greentrepreneurs’ running climate-conscious businesses. 

Peppou and Tim Noakesmith are the co-founders of cell-based, lab-based meat company Vow Foods along with Tim Noakesmith.

Vow Foods makes its meat – from pork, chicken, kangaroo, alpaca, water buffalo – in a lab in Alexandria in Sydney using cells from animals in a bioreactor, called ‘cultured meat’.

Peppou says they take a more responsible approach to animal farming and meat production. 

“There is a massive growing demand for meat around the world,” Mr. Peppou said.

“Cultured meat is grown in a production system fed by electricity. As long as we are using renewable electricity we can produce meat close to where people are eating it and which has a very small environmental footprint relative to animal agriculture.”

Vow Food founders Tim Noakesmith and George Peppou (Photo: Supplied to Daily Telegraph)

Co-founder Tim Noakesmith says it is a whole lot tastier and healthier.

“It will taste better, it will have better texture profiles and we are able to combine nutrition profiles that don’t exist in single animals alone,” Mr. Noakesmith.

As the duo work to lower the emissions profile on the agricultural sector, they say Australia needs to lift its climate change ambitions.

“We are facing one of the biggest crises to face the human race ever and there is a lack of action and urgency around the nation’s climate policy,” Mr. Noakesmith said.

Vow has raised $8 million in investments and plans to launch in Singapore next year.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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