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About 7,000 extra diaspora voters eligible to vote in repeat elections




In the upcoming repeat elections in Greece on June 25, approximately 7,000 additional voters living abroad will have the opportunity to cast their votes.

This provision allows Greeks abroad to participate in the elections, similar to the previous May 21 elections.

The decision comes as a result of these voters missing out on voting in May due to late registration applications.

The number of voters registered in the special electoral rolls abroad for the May 21 elections was 22,857. With the inclusion of the additional 7,000 voters, the total number of Greeks voting from abroad in the repeat elections will reach 30,000.

To accommodate the higher number of registered voters, the possibility of setting up more polling stations is being considered. A minimum of 40 voters is required to establish a polling station in a specific location.

To be eligible to vote in the repeat elections, individuals must have had their voter registration application approved at least 12 days prior to the announcement of the election date. For example, if the official announcement is made on May 29, Greeks abroad whose applications were approved on May 17 will be eligible to vote.

Source: newsbomb.gr.

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