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World’s largest chocolate deer found on display in Katerini




One hundred and twenty pounds of chocolate was required to make this sweet creation. The impressive four-by-ten-meter-tall chocolate sculpture was created by Vassilis Michaelides, claiming a Guinness Book of Records award for the world’s largest chocolate deer. 

His delicate creation was found in Katerini, Northern Greece, and was presented to the public on Christmas day, stealing impressions from hundreds.

Michaelides, speaking to the Athens and Macedonian News Agency, said he was anxious to be awarded the Guinness Book of Records, adding that it took about a month to build. “It was a difficult build, and it took about 120 pounds of chocolate chocolate,” he explained.

“First I made a metal frame, then it became a polystyrene coating, and eventually the chocolate coating. The good thing was that instead of colour, my hands were filled with chocolate, which I did hide many times trying to get a sweet taste, ”said Mr. Michaelides.

Mr. Michaelides has designed and created many attractions in Greece. He is credited for designing and implementing the Dinosaur Park in Oreokastro, the Human Body Museum in the same area, and the Ancient Hellenic Odyssey Farm.

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