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Theo Loizou eyes top prize in MasterChef Australia




Greek Australian, Theo Loizou, is one of four chefs who will go head-to-head during this weeks final of MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises on Channel 10.

With $250,000 on the horizon for the winner of the cooking show, Theo’s eyes are on the prize.

“Top four doesn’t seem as important—my eyes are on winning now,” Theo revealed in an interview with TV WEEK.

The 37-year-old said he owes his motivation to French partner, Laure. The pair met in France and recently relocated back to Melbourne.

“The hardest part of MasterChef was leaving Laure alone after just arriving in the country,” Theo said.

“She’s been my number-one supporter, so I feel guilty and am forever in her debt.”

Theo also gives appreciation to his parents who migrated to Australia – his mum from Greece and dad from Cyprus – and worked hard to give him and his sister a great life.

The baker cherishes fond childhood memories when his dad would bring home a loaf of freshly baked bread by his yiayia. The love for experimenting in the kitchen started young for Theo, where he learned cooking from his parents and grandparents.

Leaving behind his trade as an electrician to pursue a culinary career, Theo moved from Australia to France to follow his dream of baking bread in 2019, where he worked in a Parisienne boulangerie.

With plans to stay in France for a short six months, meeting his now-partner extended his stay for three years before the pair returned to Australia.

Source: Now to Love.

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