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Thaao Penghlis launching podcast on archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann




Well known for his performance on the hit drama Days of Our Lives, Greek Australian Thaao Penghlis is launching a podcast looking at the life of archaeologists Heinrich Schliemann.

The podcast titled ‘Lost Treasures’ is inspired by Schliemann’s documents and diaries, with a clear focus on how the German archaeologist discovered some of the greatest Greek palaces mentioned in Homers The Iliad.

From a young age, Thaao was inspired to unlock the secrets of his Greek ancestors by taking a journey to magnificent sites in Athens, Mycenae, and Troy.

In an interview, Thaao says that his purpose in telling the stories of these lost treasures is to romance my audience and to allow listeners the opportunity to walk in the land of my ancestors.  

Released on September 5, the podcast will include four story chapters, with the first three looking at long hidden documents and diaries, whilst the last is a reading from Penghlis explaining why he wrote the story and what inspired him to do so.  

Source: Digital Journal

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