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Mateja Sardelis and her girl band, G-Nation, in the final of The Voice Australia




The finalists of The Voice Australia 2021 were chosen on Sunday night following a tense and emotional semi-final.

The top four artists competing for the crown are Bella Taylor Smith from Team Guy, Arlo Sim from Team Keith, Mick Harrington from Team Jess and G-Nat!on from Team Rita.

G-Nat!on is The Voice’s largest girl band and includes Mateja Sardelis, 16, Isla Ward, 17, Taylah Silvestri, 18, Emma Caporaso, 18, Alessia Musolino, 17 and Rylee Vormelker, 17.

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The girls had the audience on their feet with their impressive performance of 7 Rings by Ariana Grande, with Rita ultimately choosing them over Sian.

“Sorry did you say O.M.G-Nat!on?” Rita asked after their performance.

Voting is now open ahead of the final, with Australians now set to decide who will be take home the $100,000 prize money and a coveted recording contact with Universal Music Australia.

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