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Jordan Gogos makes his mark on the Australian fashion scene




Jordan Gogos’ debut fashion show at Australian Fashion Week attracted local celebrities, social media influencers and well-known stylists from across the nation and we’re not surprised.

Despite the rainy weather outside Sydney’s Carriageworks, where Fashion Week was being held, Gogos’ show treated guests to flashes of bright colour and towering painted objects propped up monolithically on the runway.

Gogos founded ‘Iordanes Spyridon Gogos’ in 2019 as a conduit for community-making and co-design.

According to Marie Claire, Gogos’ fashion designs seek to explore notions of gender fluidity and sustainability with a contemporary practice-led approach. And that’s exactly what his fashion show had on display.

Jordan Gogos at his debut fashion show. Photo: Getty Images.

Working closely with 25 different artists and brands, Gogos created technicolour patchworked coats, corseted strapless dresses and silky suiting. All were made from using deadstock materials, and items sourced from the community centre Reverse Garbage, which encourages reuse of materials in order to reduce waste.

“A lot of the pieces are quite size inclusive, because we’ve done a lot of corseting which could fit the skinniest person for the largest of persons,” Gogos told Marie Claire.

It’s no surprise then that the models Gogos selected to walk down the runway at his debut fashion show were also of all genders and different body sizes.

The fashion show featured models of all genders and sizes. Photo: Getty Images.

“The people on this runway are not usually on runways,” Gogos noted of the models, which were a mix of friends, collaborators and people who he met as recently as three weeks ago after reaching out to express their admiration.

“[This show] represents what Sydney is, what we actually are, who we actually engage with and who is in fashion and who are the people walking on the street.”

With such an innovative and inclusive approach to fashion, we can’t wait to see what Gogos has in store next for the Australian fashion industry.

Source: Marie Claire.

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