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Barry Nicolaou shares his 5 step process to having a mental health conversation




A mental health check-in can be a difficult conversation to begin. Below is a 5 step dialogue process that can begin and nurture a conversation.

By Barry Nicolaou.

1) Ask them how things are with the intention to break through the ‘fine’ barrier. The fine barrier is when you ask a question and the answer comes back somewhere in the vicinity of ‘I’m ok or I’m truly fine’ – which you know is a cover.

2) Don’t offer solutions. Just listen when you’ve broken through the fine barrier (that’s an achievement).

3) Don’t judge. You may secretly go to judgment as they reveal the tapestry of their challenges. Try not to judge or secretly compare their problems with others (or your own) you feel are worse.

4) Wait for a question before you speak. When someone asks a question, they’re eager for an answer. Wait for the question. Then they’re ready to discuss a possible way forward with you.

5) Be a better listener than talker. People usually already have the solutions to their challenges but are unwilling to travel that road alone.

Lastly, don’t forget to thank them for choosing you.

Barry Nicolaou.

Who is Barry Nicolaou?

Barry’s ability to locate and define personal purpose in the mental health space has lead him to the publication and #1 Best Selling ranking of his book; The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment. 

COVID-19 has seen Barry take his strategies to the corporate world and instill cultural ‘people first’ strategies in some of Australia’s most dynamic companies. His passion lies in deconstructing the layers beneath personal cognitive fear, deep rooted anxiety, indecision, subconscious paradigms, inherited thinking and their connection to real-world expectations and experiences.

His presentation on Gratitude Leadership and numerous mental health programs assist businesses excel at what they do best by understanding our individual need for connection and appreciation 

“I feel privileged to have great clients and appear on podcasts by being a sincere conduit between anxiety, chronic stress and burnout and a genuine light at the end of the tunnel,” Barry says.

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