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Greece makes top 10 for best country to retire in Europe




A report by Blacktower Financial Management International Limited revealed Greece was in the top 10 European countries to retire, based on crime rates, cost of living, life expectancy, property prices and population age.

Greece was rated the 8th best country to retire in, out of the 45 European countries listed.

With Spain coming in at first place, Finland, Italy, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Portugal and Germany, followed by Greece, took out the top consecutive spots.

Greece, and Europe as a whole, have addressed growing concerns of an ageing population.

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The EU alone predicts to have a population of 520 million by 2070, with the expected cost (public spending on pensions, health care, long-term care, education and unemployment benefits) set to reach 26.7% of total GDP.

For the full ranking list, follow THIS LINK.

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