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‘Proud to represent three countries’: Cypriot Australian Silia Kapsis prepares for Eurovision




At just 17, Sydney-born singer and dancer Silia Kapsis will be the youngest Australian ever to set foot on the Eurovision stage when she competes for the title this May representing Cyprus.

Born in Australia to Cypriot singer, Giorgos Kapsis, and Greek lawyer (and former dancer), Despina Saivanidis, Kapsis will represent Cyprus in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

“I’m so happy to be a part of three countries, it’s incredible,” Kapsis said. “To be of Cypriot and Greek roots and to be born and raised in Australia, I’m so very happy. Three beautiful countries.”

“It might help at Eurovision, of course,” Kapsis says. “[Three nationalities] is a great thing to have, especially when it’s to do with Eurovision. Greece and Cyprus have a good connection, and Australia. We’re all pretty close and pretty connected”, Kapsis added.

Silia Kapsis
Silia Kapsis. Photo: The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s an amazing opportunity, especially for [someone] my age,” Kapsis says. “I’m never going to live this down. And it’s a huge thing for me, especially because I’ve been [singing and dancing] since I was four. It is what I was born to do and I love it.”

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, though the competition is still a little over a month away, Kapsis began training on the choreography for her Eurovision song Liar in Los Angeles late December.

Kapsis will compete against formidable entries including Australia’s electronic duo, Electric Fields, aka vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keyboard player Michael Ross.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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