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Christina Chiotakis has dream wedding in Queensland amongst dinosaur skeletons




Christina Chiotakis married the man of her dreams in May amongst 245-million-year-old fossils and giant dinosaur skeletons at the Queensland Museum.

Speaking to ABC News, Christina described how she met her now-husband Rupert Say at the museum in 2015, where they both work as guides.

“Our love was a slow burn… because at his first shift I made him clean up vomit,” she said in the interview with journalist, Jessica Hinchliffe, and stressed that they were inseparable from then on.

It’s no surprise then that the Queensland couple settled on a more prehistoric theme for their wedding.

Their photos were taken at the Lost Creatures exhibit and their other loves, Star Wars and Harry Potter, also featured with a Sorting Hat and droids littered throughout the museum.

“It was a perfect fit for us to be married at the museum – it was very us,” Christina, who is also a palaeontologist at the museum, said.

Now, after a honeymoon on the Sunshine Coast, what’s next on the agenda for the couple?

“We might renew our vows one day back here at the museum but we just have to make sure there are still fossils on display then,” she concluded.

Source: ABC News.

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