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Anna Kalinskaya puts Nick Kyrgios at fault for tennis couple’s relationship ending




The relationship between tennis duo Nick Kyrgios and Anna Kalinskaya appears to have ended on poor terms, with the Russian tennis star announcing the rough break up to her Instagram followers this week.

The world No. 95 shared a post to her Instagram grid, captioning it ‘f***ing energy vampire’ before later deleting it. Kalinskaya then posted another photo captioned ‘you’re not a bad boy, you’re simply a bad person’, before also deleting it.

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Many of the Kalinskaya’s followers assumed both messages was directed at Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

While the couple were in an unconfirmed relationship, they were seen together from as early as March when they both visited Acapulco for the Mexico Open. The duo had also been spotted together prior to the new year.

Kalinskaya confirmed the break-up of their relationship on Monday during an Instagram Q&A, adding the pair are no longer in contact.

Nick Kyrgios with female tennis player Anna Kalinskaya in Mexico after retiring injured from the Mexican Open two days earlier. Photo: Daily Mail

“We broke up. We aren’t friends. I understand you are his friends and it’s cool but I’m not going to talk about him,” Kalinskaya posted.

The 21-year-old asked fans to be respectful of the pair in the wake of their split.

The 24-year-old Kyrgios previously dated Croatian-Australian tennis player Anya Tomljanovic, the couple splitting in 2017.

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