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Actress Martha Karagianni bids sweet goodbye to Kostas Voutsas: “Too good Kostas, I will always love you”




Beloved actress Martha Karagianni delivered sweet words as she bid farewell to the great Kostas Voutsas, who passed away on Wednesday morning at the age of 88.

Kostas Voutsas and Martha Karagianni were co-stars, colleagues and good friends that shared a love for film and theatre.

Martha Karagianni, who was recently hospitalised, said her own goodbye to Kostas Voutsa, speaking at the main release of Star.

“I am very sorry that I cannot be close to him for the last time. Too good Kostas, I will always love him. I will miss him,” said the well-known actor.

“The most important man in my life after Dora is gone. I’m sorry Kostas, I can’t be there to say goodbye,” she told Alpha.

Kostas Voutsas’ daughter, Theodora Voutsas, announced that her fathers funeral will take place on Friday, with his body being laid to rest at the Metropolis of Athens at 11 am. The public have the opportunity to pay their final respects to Voutsas at the adjacent chapel from 9 am to 7:30 pm on Thursday, 27th of February.

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