Lamia man sets fire to shop for refusing to serve him alcohol


A young man has attempted to burn a shop in Lamia after the owner refused to give him another drink a day prior, reports.

According to the report, the young man who was already “starving” had gone to the diner the previous day. The owner of the store refused to give him another drink, and when the young man left he tried to climb a motorcycle. Seeing that he could not stand up and risk his life if he left the motorbike, the shop owner stopped him and advised him to go on foot or call a taxi. But the young man was in his own world, so he was forced to call the police, who arrested him until he recovered.

The next day, the young man, perhaps again under the influence after having repeatedly dealt with the Authorities, considered it appropriate to set fire to the store to say “Thank you” to the store owner, who yesterday tried to protect him.

The diner was closed at the time, with the fire started from the lower awning and quickly extended to the chairs and tables, while the gas cylinders inside the outdoor stoves were also within easy reach.

Firefighters arrived on the scene immediately, with the head of Lamia’s PS, Commander Thanassis Papastamoulis, preventing the worst.

A witness who testified said that he saw the young man set the diner on fire and then ride the motorbike and leave at around noon. There was fortunately no explosion from the gas bottles inside the shop.

The perpetrator is already in the hands of the police.




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