‘Incredible experience’: Adam Demos goes from Wollongong farmer to Netflix star


When Adam Demos, a Greek Australian born and raised in Wollongong, was cast as a co-star in Netflix’s series, Sex/Life, he did not anticipate just how popular the show, or he, would become.

Now, with the second season of Sex/Life landing on Netflix a few weeks ago and quickly reaching No. 1 in the ratings, Demos himself has amassed an Instagram following of over 1.4 million.

Despite the series being “hard for [his] family to watch,” Demos recalls filming the show in Toronto, Canada, as “one of the most incredible experiences.”

In an interview with The Herald Sun, Demos said he did not plan to get into acting from a young age, but credits fellow Greek Australian actor, Zoe Carides, for “kickstarting” his career after casting him in a 15-minute play.

After growing up on a farm in Wollongong, south of Sydney, and working in demolition with his father as well as steel works, Demos decided to try acting at 22 years old. He was inspired after travelling.

Demos and his co-star, Sarah Shahi, in Sex/Life.

“I think travelling teaches you a lot and mum always encouraged me to try anything and just try to be a good man. That’s basically what she’d say. I called her one day and said, ‘can you Google acting classes?’,” Demos said.

“The reason I had to call her was because we lived on a farm with no internet.”

When Demos came home, his mother, who is of Greek descent, had printed out Google pages of the top eight acting classes.

Since then, Demos has become an internet sensation and even found love on Sex/Life with his co-star Sarah Shahi. The two now live together in Los Angeles, though Shahi has made the trip to Wollongong to meet Demos’ friends and family.

“One thing she’s so incredible about is she’s so active with keeping in contact and getting to know my friends and mum through FaceTime. She flew down for three nights and spent three nights in Wollongong – just me, my mum and my best mates,” Demos said.

“It was so cool. They loved her and she loved everyone. She was confused why everyone was so nice. No road rage, like a real version of the Truman Show.”

Source: The Herald Sun.

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