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The top five Greek archaeological discoveries of 2022




2022 has been a year rich with archaeological discoveries for many parts of Greece. As we get ready to welcome the new year, The Greek Herald take a look back at the top five ancient finds of 2022.

1. Statue of Hercules discovered in Northern Greece

At the ancient location of Philippi in Northern Greece, a statue of Hercules dating back to Roman times was found, along with a lavishly constructed building, thought to be a fountain. 

2. Female Roman statue discovered in Epidavros

A life-size marble statue was accidentally discovered in the excavation area of ancient Epidavros in Greece. The statue was found after heavy rain hit the area, revealing a small part of the back of the statue. 

3. Ancient ceramics uncovered at Byzantine shipwreck in Aegean

A number of ancient artefacts have been found in Greece’s Fourni islands complex, southwest of the island of Samos. Almost fifteen ‘amphorae’ were found buried in sand among ceramics and wooden parts of a Byzantine shipwreck. 

4. Late Roman antiquities revealed during excavations at Athens Theatre Square

The remains of a building complex and a mosaic floor were found during excavations at the Plateia Theatrou (Theater Square) in Athens, Greece. Earlier excavations revealed similar architectural components suggesting they belonged to the same complex.

5. Ancient marble lintel discovered in Lesvos

During an excavation of the south-eastern part of the mediaeval sea wall of the castle of Agioi Theodoroi in Lesvos, Greece, a 3.5 metre long marble lintel was found. Its discovery has been the cause of revision to the islands late Byzantine history. 

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