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Seven historic cafes added to Greece’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list




By Eleni Patsalides.

Historical cafes in Greece have been added to the country’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. These cafes were meeting points for writers, poets, politicians and scholars, as well as people of high social standing. 

The cafes that have been added to the list are members of the international cultural organisation, Historic Cafes Route, and represent “important venues of the cities they are established in for more than a hundred years.”

The list includes cafes such as: 

  • Kipos – Has operated in the Municipal Garden of Hania, Crete since 1870 and has been the meeting point for many Greek icons such as Elefterios Venizelos, Nikos Kazantzakis, Maria Callas and many more.
  • Tipota – a café in the Peloponesse that has operated since 1840.
  • Oraia Ellas – located in Monastiraki, Athens, which opened in 1839.
  • Café Mevlana – a café in Rhodes, housed in a 14th century building.
  • Café Ermis- established in 1800 in Mytilene. 
  • Penellinios – also in Mytilene and has been operating since 1840.
  • Grand Café –  opened in 1929 in Amfissa. 

These additions to the list highlight the significance of the sites and the roles that they played in recent history. 

Sources: Ekathimerini, Historic Cafes Route.

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