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Greek Film Society Sydney to resume screenings at Greek Atlas Community and Cultural Centre




The Greek Film Society Sydney will recommence their screening program, after a 14-month break, with the first screening taking place on Thursday 15 April at 7.00 pm at Greek Atlas Community and Cultural Centre, with the award-winning film The Right Pocket of the Robe (2018).

The Greek Film Society Sydney aims to provide members with a stimulating program of films from old and new Greek Cinema in a variety of genres, as well as films that relate to Greek diasporic life and its contact with other cinemas.

Vice-president Constantine Spiropoulos said the society, under a new committee, has expanded by using social media to hopefully bring more people to their screenings.

“It provides opportunities for people, whether they’re of a Greek speaking background or not, to get access to films that have been produced from Greece and played in festivals,” Constantine Spiropoulos said to The Greek Herald.

“Not only films, but also documentaries… they provide an opportunity or window for what life is like in Greece or what stories are coming out from Greece.”

Previously held at the Cyprus Club in Stanmore, the films are now being screened in Marrickville at the Greek Atlas Community and Cultural Centre.

The screenings are followed by discussion and films are introduced by members or special guest speakers.

Greek Atlas Community and Cultural Centre

“Registered members can come once a month to watch films from a variety of genres from Greece, Cyprus, or the Greek-speaking world,” Constantine added.

See below for a summary of the film to be played 15 April:

The lone inhabitant of a monastery, a middle-aged monk, faces the death of his beloved dog and the survival of his new-born pups just as the Archbishop dies and the worldly business of succession begins. The dog’s death signals the return of an unbearable sadness and loneliness in the monk’s life which brings up the past and forces him to reappraise his solitary course. A tender cinematic evocation of monastic life and study in loneliness.

An adaptation of Yannis Makridakis’ novel of the same name, the film was Winner of the Youth Jury Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

All films have English subtitles and projection is in DVD format.

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