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Greece’s entire Acropolis Museum is now digital




The Acropolis Museum has announced the completion of a sweeping digitisation program, with all of its exhibits now accessible from anywhere in the world through a new website.

The new website includes not just information about the museum’s history, future visits and upcoming exhibitions, but also a digital archive of the permanent collection.

This archive, free and accessible to all, includes extensive descriptions of over 2,000 artifacts housed by the museum, as well as an interactive bibliographies, photographs, drawings and videos to bring the collection to life.

The Acropolis Museum’s exhibits are now accessible from anywhere in the world through a new website.

There is also plenty to interest younger virtual visitors, thanks to the development of a dedicated website for children as well.

The Acropolis Museum Kids, aimed at 6 to 12 year olds, provides an engaging introduction to the history of Athens through a series of fun and interactive games and videos. These include an ancient cooking class, a guided tour through the timeline of the Acropolis and its monuments, and a sci-fi game to unite the Parthenon’s sculptures.

The Acropolis Museum is the first museum in Greece to go fully digital, leading the way for other Greek institutions.

It’s hoped this mass digitisation project will work to the benefit of the Acropolis Museum in the post-coronavirus world, with in-person visitors keen to re-engage and interact with the museum’s exhibits with fresh eyes and even greater appreciation.

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