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Effy Alexakis and Yanni Dramitinos’ ‘Face off: Portraits’ exhibition launch overflows




Sydney’s Newtown witnessed a visual feast on Saturday, March 9, as Luna Studio Art Gallery played host to the launch of the photography exhibition, ‘Face off: Portraits’ as part of the 42nd Greek Festival of Sydney. The exhibition features the remarkable works of renowned photographers Effy Alexakis and Yanni Dramitinos.

L to R: Alexandra Luxford, Nia Karteris, Leonard Janiszewski, Rhonda Davis, Effy Alexakis, Vasili Vasileiadis and Yanni Dramitinos.

The launch event saw the studio filled and overflowing onto the streets, as attendees had the privilege of immersing themselves in these thought-provoking works. They experienced a spectrum of human emotions – from humour and determination to sadness and triumph.

Special guests at the event included Bayside City Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas; Deputy Mayor at Randwick City Council, Alexandra Luxford; Chair of the Greek Festival of Sydney, Nia Karteris; and Rhonda Davis, Senior Curator at Macquarie University.

Eirini Alligiannis and Effy Alexakis.

In her speech, Ms Karteris highlighted Alexakis’ decades-long contribution to both the community and the Greek Festival of Sydney, also acknowledging her partner Leonard Janiszewski. Ms Karteris also expressed gratitude for Dramitinos’ steadfast support of the festival.

Dramitinos, a familiar name among Australia’s Greek community, emphasised his photography journey, which began almost 12 years ago during his tenure at The Greek Herald.

L to R: Leonard Janiszewski, Rhonda Davis, Effy Alexakis and Yanni Dramitinos.

Mr Janiszewski, touched by the presence and support of Ms Davis, introduced her with heartfelt sentiments. Ms Davis, in turn, delivered a moving speech, delving into the meanings and contexts behind each artist’s works, offering the audience a deeper understanding of the exhibition.

Alexakis and Dramitinos, with their keen lenses, transcend traditional photography, reaching into the depths of their subjects’ psyche. Their captivating portraits, on display not only depict the celebrated and the familiar but also bring forth the previously unknown, inviting viewers to confront their own sense of “self.”

Photography on display.

This exhibition challenges perceptions and ignites introspection, providing a unique lens into the complexities of human existence. The overflow of attendees onto the streets indicates the overwhelming success and demand for this captivating showcase.

The public is invited to witness this showcase at Luna Studio Art Gallery, 465 King St, Newtown, NSW 2042, from March 6 to March 19, 2024. Admission is free, and no bookings are required.

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