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British Museum loans Ancient Greek Meidia Vase to Athens




The British Museum has loaned Greece a valuable painted Meidias Hydria vase dating to 420BC.

Originally excavated in Italy, the vase is approximately 50 centimeters in length and is considered a masterpiece by the well-known ancient vase painter Meidia who often depicted mythological scenes on ceramics.

The vase was previously on display in the British Museum and the loan is the very first time in 250 years that the artefact has left Britain.

The inside of the British Museum. Photo:TripSavvy.

The artefact will form part of an exhibition held at the Acropolis Museum which focuses on the meanings of certain visual images which are often depicted on ceramics.

According to a British Museum spokesperson, this loan is part of the ongoing partnership with the Greek museum and is not to be considered a peace offering in the face of the current conflict regarding the Parthenon Marbles.

The Athens exhibition will open to the general public on Thursday the 7th.

Source: The National Herald.

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