Book on Cretan hero Ioannis Kouromichelakis to be launched in Melbourne


The book Filius Patriae: Lieutenant Ioannis Kouromichelakis, an epic historical narrative written by historian Professor Anastasios Tamis, is expected to be launched at Alphington Grammar in Melbourne on Sunday, April 30.

The book covers the heroic story of the national martyr brave Cretan Ioannis Kouromichelakis, who at the age of 33 fell fighting after 12 years on the fronts of the war in Macedonia and in Cale Grotto in Asia Minor in August 1921.

The book by Dr Tamis describes in a historical and literary way, the birth of the hero Kouromichelakis, the years of his life in his village, his role and contribution to the common homeland of the Greeks on the fronts of Macedonia and Asia Minor, as well as his path to his heroic death on the heights of Cale Grotto.

The historical narrative of Dr Tamis was presented in Greece last August by the hierophant of the Greek language Professor George D. Babiniotis. This modest and excellent cultural event was organised by the National Research Foundation “Eleftherios Venizelos,” under the supervision of its General Director, scholar, historian and jurist, Mr Nikolaos Papadakis.

The emergence of the patriotic role and contribution of the Cretan hero from the village of Nippos is due to the family of his grandson, Ioannis Andreas Kotsifakis, an energetic and effective president of the community of Nippos and a person with a high sense of responsibility towards family tradition and debt to all those who fell for the country.

After first erecting the Monument of the Martyrs of Crete in the square of his village, he undertook the vision of perpetuating the memory of the history of the Nippians who fell fighting. Shortly after his death, his children realised their father’s original vision and published a book-reference to the actions of their great-grandfather, a reserve officer hero of Skra, Bursa, Aydin and finally Cale Grotto.

The work of writing by Dr Tamis was commissioned three years ago by his daughter Christina Kotsifaki-Sarris, her husband Konstantinos and Stamatis and Chrysoula Kotsifaki.

The presentation of the book is being organised by the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand, under the auspices of the National Research Foundation “Eleftherios Venizelos,” in collaboration with the Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria, Alphington Grammar, the Greek-Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies.


It will be presented by the President of the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms Fotini Kypraios.

The book will be launched in a special video by the eminent Greek linguist and lexicographer, former Rector of the University of Athens and former Minister of Education, Professor Babiniotis, as well as the officer of the Australian Army, Mrs Pelagia Markogiannakis CPPE JP FAIPM GAICD.

The guests will be greeted by the President of the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand, Mr Antonios Tsourdalakis, the President of the Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria, Mr Bill Papastergiadis OAM, the Director of Alphington Grammar, Dr Vivianne Nikou and Mrs Christina Kotsifakis-Saris, who with her husband, Mr Konstantinos Sarrisstavrou, financially supported the publication of the work.

The reputable and famous linguist Mr Babiniotis is expected to analyse passages of the work, to talk in detail about the importance of the book and its significance, about its literary style that highlights essential moments of the modern national history of the Greeks, as well as about inspiring incidents that are substantiated by numerous scientific references, which makes the work authentically groundbreaking in its kind.

In his dissent, Dr Tamis will refer to the sense of debt towards the homeland and the state felt by the hero Kouromichelakis. He will emphasise that his nationalism was expressed with an intense patriotism, with a strong and sensitive citizen consciousness, overcoming selfishness and self-interest through his sacrifice.

Mrs Christina Kotsifakis stressed the special emotion that she and her husband Kostas possess about the publication of this book that honours the memory, heroism and death of her ancestor, her great-grandfather, Ioannis Kouromichelakis.

“We feel absolute satisfaction, emotion, joy and enthusiasm that we were given the opportunity to honour the memory of our great-grandfather. We feel privileged to have had the cooperation of Mr Papadakis and the National Foundation, the care of the leaders of the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand, the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne, the Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies and HACCHI as well as Dr Nikou, who organised this beautiful event,” she said.

“We feel obliged to our author, Dr Tamis, for writing this great book, with which he preserved the memory of our ancestor forever. We thank Professor Babiniotis because with his presentation and his analysis confirmed the special importance and worthiness of our book. The Kotsifakis-Sarris family feels the need to thank all those who will honor with their presence the presentation of the book, as well as those who will purchase a copy of it.”

The book launch will take place on Sunday, April 30, at 4.00 pm at the Nikos Andrianakos Centre of Alphington Grammar Day School.  A reception will follow in honor of all those who will attend.




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