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Ancient Greek sites virtually reconstructed using new app




Tourists visiting Greece this holiday season have experienced Greece’s most popular archaeological sites through the lens of a new app called ‘Chronos’.

With the use of a smartphone, visitors can now pinch and zoom their way around the Parthenon temple, with the app showing them how the monument would have looked 2,500 years ago. 

Using augmented reality, the app displays the ancient impression of the site on the screen, matching it with the real-world views as you walk around. Features such as the sculptures on the Acropolis are now shown with striking colours as they would have looked in the past.

Photo: Newsday

The Cultural Minister Lina Mendoni said that the new app will boost accessibility to Greece’s ancient monuments, with the aim that visitors anywhere around the world can share historical knowledge.

Whilst the app shows the Acropolis extensively, it also covers other monuments including a Roman theater and parts of the Acropolis Museum built at the foot of the rock.

Source: AP News

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