Westfield Local Hero nominee Emma Georgiades on her work with Enlighten Education


Emma Georgiades is an Adelaide-based radio presenter at Southern Cross Austereo and says she combines her presenting skills with skills acquired during her lengthy tenure as a schoolteacher to deliver workshops for young women. 

Her work with Enlighten Education to deliver confidence-building and self-love workshops has earned her the recognition of a Westfield Local Hero.

“I wanted to combine my skills in education and presenting to really make an impact to help young women believe in themselves,” Georgiades tells The Greek Herald

“We currently run mainly in many of the independent, Catholic and government schools.”

Georgiades was nominated by her community and is the running to be one of three 2021 local heroes up for a $10,000 grant for Enlighten Education. 

“It’s amazing that the work is being recognized… Hopefully, if I’m successful, [the grant] will provide funding into the program and we can reach as many girls as possible.” 

Emily Georgiades is a full-time radio presenter.

She has studied across at least three different universities and was a primary and secondary school teacher between 2009 and 2019, finishing up at St. Ignatius’ College in Athelstone. 

She says she saw the impact low self-esteem and lack of resilience has on young women as a teacher.   

“At that age, everyone’s trying to find their place. We’re living in a world where people feel judged. I think social media has a lot to do with that,” she says. 

“People are putting their worth down to how many likes they have and how many followers they have and I think that that’s really damaging to our self worth, especially for young girl’s.” 

“I think that that can cause impact lots of areas of life and friendships and relationships is definitely one of them.” 

Georgiades has been an educational presenter and motivational speaker at Enlighten Education since 2018. 

Enlighten Education is a for-profit business which offers workshops to help guide and give teenage girls the tools to navigate their formative years. 

“A lot of the schools tend to focus on friendships, resilience, anxiety… I think they’re the main sort of areas of focus. We target teenage girls, really; so, from the ages of 10, 11 years old to 16. they’re the main issues that we’re finding are arising,” she says. 

“I don’t think these messages should just stop just with teenage girls. I think it’s equally as important that we keep that positivity and that positive messages of self-love going. Since last year.”

She is 20 episodes into her ‘Empowerhouse Emma G’ “passion project” podcast which carries her motivational speaking from outside of the classroom and onto the wide web. 

“I’m a grown woman and I know that I certainly need these messages reinforced and that’s why I’ve developed my podcast ‘Empower House’ and that is designed to inspire people to… live authentically and [be] yourself.”

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