Vasili’s Taxidi: The Corinthian Rotisserie – Marrickville’s Iconic Shops


By Vasilis Vasilas.

We have now reached the major intersection of Marrickville- of Marrickville and Illawarra Roads- and let us take a left turn for one of Marrickville’s iconic Greek shops. One of the most-loved socio-gastronomic Greek shops is undoubtedly Marrickville’s Corinthian Rotisserie, or the way we all know it as the Ψησταριά…

Over the years, this Greek institution has catered for all sorts of customers, whether it was for families and their dinners, or the late-night owls who experienced cravings (at 2am!). Then, there are the politicians and food connoisseurs…

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Giannakelos family, the Corinthian Ψησταριά is recognised as one of the Greek community’s favourite cuisines; for many years now, it is no longer a Greek secret, as locals, journalists and fellow chefs all acknowledge the great food being served here.

I unashamedly admit the Corinthian was one of his ‘haunts’ throughout his early adult years, ‘On the way home from clubbing in the city, we would always pass through Marrickville; which other place was open at 3am and you were guaranteed a hot, hearty, delicious meal?’

Having known the Giannakelos family practically all my life, the Giannakelos family’s strong work ethic is complimented by the high quality service and tasty meals. The Corinthian epitomises the important team-work of a successful family business. There is the open kitchen run by one chef…Fotis himself. You see all the food before you. How Foti juggles all the orders during packed Friday and Saturday nights, and everything runs like clockwork, is truly amazing! He has tireless support from his wife, Maria, who prepares everything in the shop’s rear room and his sons, George and Chris, never stop all day and night serving customers… This is a role model of a family business…

Another aspect that makes the Psistaria unique is so many patrons know each other and if you do not know them, there is a great chance you will get to know them. And it is this incredible connection patrons have at the Psistaria that makes it one the unique places in Sydney.

I was recently asked what is the best Greek restaurant in Sydney by another Greek restauranteur and I replied, The Corinthian’ because there is a strong sense of community that you cannot get anywhere else.

This warm environment has been developing since 1980 when the Giannakelos family began operating the Psistaria: the Giannakelos family- with Foti and Maria- and their two sons, Giorgo and Chris- are the perfect hosts… with their warm hospitality that makes patrons feel at ease!!!

Seasons come and go; fads come and go too. The truly great eateries are those which are unfazed by the passing of time and people’s tatstes. They have such a strong reputation that they are unfazed by any changes.

Marrickville’s Corinthian Rotisserie is just one of those eateries; everyone knows and loves the “Psistaria” and the Giannakelos family have been servicing the community with their wholesome and tasty meals for forty years!!!

What keeps bringing customers back again and again is the great food- generous servings- and a satisfying tastiness… And all my fond memories (over the years) I have in the shop.’




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