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Time to vote! Lysicrates Prize 2020 online voting now open to the public




The Lysicrates Prize 2020 audience vote was held in Sydney on January 31 and people now have the opportunity to vote online for which play they want to see as winner.

The winner of the online voting will be announced by the Lord Mayor of Sydney on 14th May, when the statue of the boy James Martin is unveiled by the Governor-General. The boy is holding an open book, which on one side says HOMER, and on the other ‘ΟΜΗΡΟΣ. The base of the statue describes James Martin as “Premier, Chief Justice, Philhellene”.

The audience vote was awarded in January to Brooke Robinson’s play, ­Deoxyribo-Whatever Acid, who won $15,000 in prize money. Alongside Brooke Robinson are Matthew Whittet and Katy Warner, who now will each be competing for $5K and a mini replica of the new James Martin statue.

This year’s competitors for the Lysicrates Prize 2020.

Founder of the foundation, John Azarias, says online voting was established for the Sydney Lysicrates Prize to replicate the massive crowds seen hundreds of years ago at the Athens Great Dionysia Prize, using modern technology.

“There were 17,000 Greeks attending the Theatre of Dionysus every year. No modern theatre can hold 17,000 people, but, with online voting, we can exceed these numbers,” said Azarias.

The Lysicrates Prize is established under the Lysicrates Foundation, founded by Sydney couple John and Patricia Azarias. The foundation started through their desire to preserve the Lysicrates Monument in the Sydney Botanical gardens, and has now grown into a Foundation dedicated to upholding the dramatic arts in Sydney.

Go to the Lysicrates Foundation website to watch the finalist plays for the Online Competition and to cast your vote.

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