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The Australian Prime Minister’s favourite restaurant in Marrickville is Greek




Before Anthony Albanese was Australia’s Prime Minister, he used to visit a Greek restaurant close to his office for lunch in Marrickville, Sydney. Today, even if he is not able to visit it as often as before, Corinthian Rotisserie Restaurant still remains his favourite.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Albanese is not given any VIP treatment. He just walks in and seats at a table like everyone else.

“He will sit down like a normal customer. He doesn’t have a special table,” restaurant owner, Frank Giannakelos, told The Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Corinthian Greek Restaurant / Facebook.

80-year-old Frank is still working in the restaurant’s kitchen together with his wife Marie, while their sons George and Chris also continue to help.

The family came to Australia 55 years ago and bought Corinthian Rotisserie in 1980. Since it first opened its doors, it continues to serve the same dishes such as slow cooked lamb, souvlaki and moussaka.

Mr Albanese said the restaurant is “the best Greek in Marrickville” and the lamb dish is “to die for.”

Frank’s son George heard of the Australian Prime Minister’s words about the restaurant and said it was great.

“It makes me feel really good that we’ve been recognised as a well-established restaurant because we’ve been here for years,” George said, while adding that opening the restaurant was about keeping the Greek traditions alive and the family together.

“The food is simple, home cooking but full of flavour. I’m proud of my family, because we work together and achieved a lot over the years.

“We’ve been here for 43 years and my parents are ready for retirement. But my brother and I will take over and we will be here for another 43 years.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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