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Teenage entrepreneur Fotios Tsiouklas pushes for more ‘modernised’ Greek school learning




Teenage entrepreneur Fotios Tsiouklas has pushed for more modernised Greek teaching in Greek schools as part of a new guest speaking initiative.

The main encouragement currently used by teachers for teaching children Greek is centred on communication with their relatives in Greece, or the benefits it can provide to their VCE or HSC. However, Fotios says kids “tend not care for that anymore”.

Speaking to The Greek Herald, Fotios shares his hopes for Greek school teachers to make education more collaborative and engaging to students.

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“I think a lot of it just doesn’t apply to the real world,” Fotios says to The Greek Herald.

“They want to learn the language that applies to the current situation. So rather than reading a Greek article about something from the 1920’s, make them read articles on current stories and current situations they’re passionate about in Greek.

“Make them have debates in Greek, because passion is what breeds education in my opinion.”

One of my passions has always been helping the Greek community.After this pandemic dies down, I plan on going to a new…

Posted by Fotios Tsiouklas on Monday, 27 July 2020

Fotios says he wants Greek schools to focus more on educating children about the benefits of the Greek language, how it can be used to further develop their careers.

“It can help them and give them credibility particularly amongst more traditionally Greek people. They’re going to have a bigger network they’re going to have more clients,” Fotios adds.

Recognising the Greek media as a powerful marketing tool, Fotios advises children to follow his path into gaining credibility in the Greek business world.

“The first apps I sold were to Greek people. The first press I did was in Greek newspapers. The first contacts I made in pretty much every industry were Greek people.

“So Greek people opened the doors for me in every single department. And the way you level up in this world is by working with people who are much more experienced than you.

“We have a very powerful Greek community in Melbourne, we’ve got over half a million Greeks, so knowing the Greek language opens the doors to those people as it’s giving you that credibility.”

Σήμερα επισκέφθηκε το Σχολείο μας ο Φώτιος Τσιούκλας, ένας ελληνομαθής μαθητής της Μελβούρνης, και μίλησε στους μαθητές…

Posted by Greek Orthodox Community of Dandenong & Districts Greek School on Monday, 27 July 2020

Fotios on Monday spoke with the students and teachers of the Greek Orthodox Community of Dandenong & Districts Greek school via Zoom.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic settles, the 19-year-old businessman is planning to go to a new Greek school “every week” to speak about maintaining the Greek language.

“I love our community and will continue to offer more things for free. Whether it be educational apps, seminars or movements like this,” Fotios says on his Facebook page.

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