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Reverend Father George Liangas from Burwood features in NSW Health’s COVID campaign




Reverend Father George Liangas from St Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church in Burwood is doing his bit to help spread COVID-19 stay at home orders in Greek by featuring in NSW Health’s latest video campaign.

In the campaign, Father Liangos can be heard urging the local Greek community to stay at home unless for the four following reasons:

  • To shop for food or other essential goods and services.
  • For medical care or compassionate needs.
  • To exercise; or
  • For essential work or education when you cannot work or study from home.

“You can leave your home to receive a COVID-19 test or to be vaccinated,” Father Liangas continued, before stressing that no visitors are allowed to one’s household.

The parish priest’s inclusion in the NSW Health campaign was made possible with the help of St Nectarios Board Member, Christina Efthymiades, who is also a member of Multicultural NSW’s Regional Advisory Committee.

Ms Efthymiades was asked on Friday to support NSW Health’s campaign to help communicate details of the latest COVID-19 stay at home orders in community languages.

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Father Liangas’ message has so far resonated with the local Greek community, with many urging others to share the message widely to their parents, grandparents and other Greek speakers across the state.

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