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Over 500 people attended The Cretan Association of Sydney’s inaugural Cretan Panigiri




The Cretan Association of Sydney held its first ever Cretan Panigiri on March 7, with over 500 people attending despite the heavy rain.

Featuring authentic Cretan food by Mr Nick Andriotakis and Mr Nick Voulgarakis, as well as entertainment from Cretan musicians, Giorgos Frantzeskakis and Giorgios Stratakis, the event resembled a traditional Cretan village panigiri.

Mr Nick Andriotakis and members of the association prepare a traditional Cretan dish known as Antikristo. Source: The Cretan Association of Sydney.

Set on the beautiful farm grounds of Peats Ridge, guests were also treated to an amazing dance performance by the Cretan Association’s very own performing group. Traditional Cretan dances such as kissamitiko sirto, pentozali and the sousta were some of the favourites, and the youth joined in on the fun as well by dancing into the early hours of the morning.

On a more sombre note, the association’s president, Mr Terry Saviolakis, announced that due to recent heavy rain and storms, the asbestos roofs of the Cretan House and the adjacent tenanted building in Marrickville cannot be repaired and need immediate replacement. The project will cost the association over $80,000 but will be a necessary investment in its future.

To help raise much-needed funds for this project on the night, Mr Andriotakis presented a mystery prize to be auctioned, with the only hint being that it was something which “can’t be bought in stores and money can’t buy.” After a long bidding war, the winner was presented with a large roll of toilet paper!

After a long bidding war, the winner was presented with a large roll of toilet paper!

After clearly providing a panigiri full of kefi and Cretan culture, The Cretan Association of Sydney thanked the dozens of committee members, youth and volunteers for their support in the lead up to the event. Mr George Lagouvarthos and Mr Kon Loupis and their families were also thanked for their hospitality and for providing their farm free of charge for the panigiri. 

Here’s to many more!

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