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Here’s how you can enter the Greek Language Student Competition ‘SICLE’




Are you aged between five and 16 and learning Greek in New South Wales?

If yes, you can now join in the 2023 SICLE Greek Language Student Competition for a creative experience with a chance to win prizes.

Competition participants can be students in NSW from Kindergarten to Year 10 who study the Greek Community Language (at afternoon/Saturday schools, Secondary College of Languages, NSW School of Languages, mainstream schools, or students of private tuition)

The competition is organised by the University of Sydney, Sydney Institute of Community Languages Education and is under the auspices of The Secretariat General for Greeks Aboard and Public Diplomacy of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of Greece in Sydney.

“Greek and Me” competition.

There are four categories that someone can participate in: “My family and me” for Kindergarten to Year 2, “A visit to Greece” for years 3 to 4, “A visit to Greece” for years 5 to 6, and “What Learning Greek Means to Me” for years 7 to 10.

Prizes for first, second and third place, along with highly commended awards, will be given for each category entries. All students, teachers and schools participating in this competition will receive a certificate of participation.

The prizes will be donated by sponsors from the broader Greek Australian community in Sydney and they will be given as e-vouchers to winners.

The competition has opened and it closes on August 1, 2023. Find out more here

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