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Greeks students in Melbourne get creative for International Day of Peace




It was International Day of Peace yesterday and to mark the occasion, Year 9 students from the Greek Community of Melbourne’s School of Language and Culture released the cutest projects ever!

Based on the theme of peace and war, and with the help of philologist Mrs Nikezi, the students worked on the project virtually throughout all of term three.

They studied texts, watched videos, designed original posters and even analysed Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ painting to try and discern the emotions it conveyed.

From there, they organised a talk show about war games and did group activities on how to solve peacefully a difference or misunderstanding.

The end result is amazing and can be seen in some examples below:

“Most of us have not known war, but we have certainly heard horrible stories about it from our grandparents, through books and documentaries. It is a time of uncertainty, hunger and misery, a time of decline in all areas, a time when people are mentally injured and children lose their innocence,” Mrs Nikezi said at the conclusion of the project.

“Peace on the other hand is not just a situation in which there are no hostilities and bombings between peoples. It’s more than that. It is peace – inner peace – your right to work, to create, to coexist with other people and to live in every moment.

“What is certain is that peace is not restored once and for all, and that is why people must strive to maintain it every day and in every way.

“One conclusion we have reached is: Peace is not a physical state. It is built everywhere and every day.”

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