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Greek community supports Theodoros Dalmaris’ new book




The Hellenic Lyceum presented Theodoros Dalmaris’ new book, Γυναίκα: Το Πρώτο Ον του Σύμπαντος και η Πρώτη Δεσμώτις, at a special event for International Women’s Day 2020.

Held at the Greek Community Club in Lakemba, the event was attended by many prominent members of Sydney’s Greek-Australian academic community, including Dr Elizabeth Kefallinos from Macquarie University and Dr Efrosini Deligianni from UNSW.

Theodoros Dalmaris presented his new book to a packed room.

In her address to the crowd, Dr Elizabeth Kefallinos discussed how the book could be cited and referred to in other written pieces.

“The book talks about both men and women but it’s great to see that Mr Dalmaris gives women such a high standing and reputation throughout,” Dr Kefallinos said.

“We should thank him dearly for giving us such a high value.”

The event and book was well-received by the crowd, with many asking insightful questions on the text during question time.

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