Food For Thought Network to celebrate International Women’s Day


As International Women’s Day approaches, the Food For Thought Network (FFTN) eagerly anticipates honouring the global celebration with a renewed commitment to its founding principles of inclusion and empowerment.

With the theme of “Inspiring Inclusion” and “Count her in’ resonating across the globe, FFTN stands poised to take its vision to new heights this year.

For over two decades, FFTN has championed the cause of inclusivity, striving to create a world where every woman’s voice is heard and valued. This year, our vision extends beyond local endeavours as we aspire to host a landmark global conference in Ioannina this September. 

In a departure from previous years’ local events, FFTN aims to amplify its impact by supporting various local organizations dedicated to women’s causes. Whether through active participation or keynote addresses, FFTN will collaborate with groups committed to advancing women’s rights and opportunities.

Varvara Athanasiou-Ioannou AM speaking about her book. Photo: Supplied.

Varvara Athanasiou-Ioannou AM, the founder and chair of FFTN, was recently recognised in the Australian Day Honours Awards for her remarkable contributions to diversity and inclusion. She will serve as a keynote speaker at several notable events:

Team Agapes: Varvara will share her story, insights and inspiration at Team Agapes, underscoring the importance of unity and support in championing women’s causes as well as sharing examples from her work and community life of how she inspired inclusion.

IWD Event at Philhellene Restaurant, Moonee Ponds: Varvara will grace this celebration with her presence, emphasising the significance of community engagement and collaboration in fostering gender equality and creating a more inclusive society. 

Rotary Club of Hawthorn: Varvara’s keynote address at the Rotary Club of Hawthorn will highlight the pivotal role of service organizations in driving meaningful change for women worldwide, speaking about her ground-breaking book HER VOICE GREEK WOMEN and THEIR FRIENDS.

Through these engagements, FFTN reaffirms its commitment to building bridges, fostering dialogue, and driving tangible action in pursuit of gender equality. As we unite with communities around the world to commemorate International Women’s Day, FFTN remains steadfast in its mission to inspire inclusion, elevate voices, and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future for all.

The Food For Thought Network’s global review Committee for the conference is assessing the 50+ abstracts that have been submitted to present at the Conference and thanks all who have expressed interest to speak and have already registered to attend. Early Bird registrations are open till the end of March. More information in English and Greek can be found on the website




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