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When a group of visionary and determined women unite with a common goal, magic unfolds. This is exactly what’s happening as the dedicated volunteer committee of the Food for Thought Network spearheads the creation of the most exceptional  Inaugural Global Conference for Women of Diaspora to date. 

The ambitious project is in full swing, bringing together women of Greek heritage to share knowledge and ideas with a view to shaping the future of Hellenic culture.  

Women of Greek heritage from across the globe will converge this September in Ioannina – comprising enthusiasts, community influencers, scholars, legal professionals, medical practitioners, entrepreneurs, and pioneers in a wide range of fields. 

Founder Varvara Athanasiou-Ioannou, the visionary behind Food for Thought Network, describes the event as a vibrant empowering journey spanning four days and five nights.

“Think keynote speakers, panel discussions, business opportunities, exploring Epirus and loads of knowledge-sharing with like-minded souls. Participants will have the chance to network with inspiring individuals from all walks of life and discover ways to keep our language and culture alive. A remarkable experience you wouldn’t want to miss!” she said.

The conference revolves around three pivotal themes that are essential for advancing the role of women in Hellenism. 

Firstly, it aims to explore the intricate relationship between Women and Hellenism. This theme delves into the various interpretations and impacts of Hellenism on women, particularly within the diaspora. It seeks to scrutinise how the values emblematic of Hellenism either impede or foster women’s progress. Secondly, it endeavours to unravel the multifaceted identity of the Modern Woman of Greek heritage. 

Through the compelling narratives of accomplished female speakers, it aims to delve into the diverse experiences and achievements that shape the contemporary Greek woman’s identity. 

Lastly, it turns people’s focus towards the sustainability of Hellenism. This theme invites critical examination of how Hellenism can endure and evolve in the modern era, ensuring its relevance and continuity.  

Over the course of four days, the Women and Hellenism Global Conference will host esteemed speakers who will share their expertise with attendees. With an impressive pool of over 60 abstracts, rigorously evaluated by our esteemed scientific/community committee, led by our wonderful secretary Dr Maria Karidakis we are in the process of confirming speakers before finalising the program. 

Topics  range widely, touching on issues affecting women of Hellenic descent both presently and in the future. Networking  opportunities abound, offering a chance to connect with women across different industries and continents, fostering both new and existing relationships. 

The conference will culminate in a celebratory evening, honouring the resilient Hellenic spirit and the achievements of women in the diaspora and Greece. 

Take advantage of the early bird ending 30 April and book now. 

For further information refer to the website global conference or contact the organisers at




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