Pharos Alliance seeks support to revitalise Modern Greek in Victoria


On Saturday, 11 May 2024, members of the Pharos Alliance called a press conference with Greek language media in Melbourne, to seek support for the work Pharos is doing in promoting, maintaining and revitalising Modern Greek in Victoria.

The key message was that it is important for the media to work with Pharos as it seeks to achieve its objectives. Pharos asked the members of the media to understand that it is:

– Urgent the media shares our message about the value of choosing Greek, for students at all levels

– Urgent the media promote positive stories (saving LaTrobe, success of Lalor North Primary School Bilingual Greek Program etc), avoid alarmist reporting while still being truthful and expressing concern about the state of Modern Greek in Victoria

– Important to encourage retention

– Important to appeal to parents

Pharos also sought moral and in-kind support for Pharos’ work.

The panel of speakers included: Despina Sarandis, President of the Modern Greek Teachers’ Association of Victoria (MGTAV), who provided a brief history of Pharos, its objectives, the make up of the Alliance of volunteers, the activities undertaken and plans for 2024 and beyond; and Emeritus Professor Joseph Lo Bianco, Pharos Facilitator, who asked those present to promote Pharos as the community wide alliance that it is, to promote Greek in government and non-government schools, to promote the benefits of learning Greek, to promote Greek at VCE and to commit to a regular Pharos presence in their media outlet.

Other Pharos members in attendance were Dr Stephie Nikoloudis, Greek Studies Coordinator at LaTrobe University, educator Yiota Stavridou and MGTAV committee member Denise Diakodimitriou.

Following the presentations, an open discussion allowed those present to exchange ideas and to agree to a stronger collaboration going forward, with concrete plans for the promotion of the work of Pharos.

The next Pharos event is the parent seminar on Raising Greek English Bilinguals in Melbourne, facilitated by Professor Joseph Lo Bianco. It will take place on Sunday 9 June at the Greek Centre.




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