Official program released for the 2023 Antipodes festival in Melbourne


With only a few days away from the thrilling Antipodes festival, once again the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) is bringing the buzz back to the historic Greek precinct on February 25-26.

This year’s main act will be the famous vocalist Alkistis Protopsalti who is eagerly awaiting to perform her most popular songs at the main stage of the Antipodes festival on Saturday, February 25.

Leo Vlahakis, Community Outreach + Cultural Programs Chair, shared his excitement about the upcoming visit of Alkistis.

“We are honoured that Alkistis is going to perform at this year’s 2023 Antipodes Festival. She is an artist with more than 40 years in the music industry. She has successfully created a following with people from all walks of life. We are certain that she will stun the crowd and create an electric atmosphere,” Mr Vlahakis said.

The GCM Vice President, Jim Bossinakis, also commented on Alkistis’ appearance at the Antipodes festival.

“Having this opportunity to see this worldwide famous artist live is priceless. I am sure that the visitors of the festival will get the opportunity to enjoy her amazing songs as much as we do,” Mr Bossinakis said.

This year, GCM is partnering up with Scoot Airlines to offer a return ticket to Greece to the winner of the infamous “Zorba till you drop” on Saturday, February 25. The contestants will dance their heart out until there is only one standing.

The Antipodes Festival will feature 80 stalls, three stages with live performances and extended trading hours at local Greek businesses across the weekend.

Over seventy hours of music and dance performances are planned for the weekend, in addition to cooking demonstrations, “Karagiozis” shadow theatre, various competitions with amazing prizes to be won and bonus impromptu street performances by festival visitors.

President of the GCM, Bill Papastergiadis, said: “Welcome the 35th Antipodes Lonsdale Street Greek Festival. This year we are proud to announce an action-packed festival full of fun for the whole family to enjoy.”

“To be Greek is to be proud. Proud of our heritage, our language, our history, our culture and our values. At the heart of this pride is the joy we find in celebrating together,” Mr Papastergiadis added.

“Since its inception, the Antipodes Festival has always brought together friends and family to experience Australia’s largest celebration of Greek culture in what is Australia’s largest Greek speaking city.

“We encourage you all to enjoy what Antipodes Festival has to offer, the music and dance from our talented musicians and performers. Be entertained by the hilarious new skits from Karagiozis Shadow Puppets and the talented vocalist Alkistis Protopsalti – we guarantee she will stun the crowds with her amazing performance.”

Full Program (subject to change)

Main Stage Saturday:

12:30 PMZorba Til You Drop
02:30 PMAnatreptix (with guests)
03:25 PMDemotika
04:25 PMGCM School Dance Group
04:50 PMGreek Orthodox Community of SA Dance Academy
05:40 PMThe Central Pontian Association Of Melbourne and Victoria ‘Pontiaki Estia’
06:10 PMBagpipes of Greece – A Dance Group Collaboration
06:45 PMGCM Dance Group | Foustanella Bracket
07:00 PMAlphington Grammar School Choir
08:50 PMAlkistis Protopsaltis

Main Stage Sunday:

10:00 AMRythmos
12:30 PMNestoras College Band
01:05 PMSt Johns School Band
01:35 PMAlphington Grammar School Greek Band
02:05 PMO Periklis – Thraki Opos Palia
02:45 PMDance with Alki
03:00 PMCanberra Hellenic Dancers
03:25 PMPegasus Dance Academy | Senior
03:50 PMKalymnian dancing group
04:20 PMAkrites Tou Pontou
04:45 PMThe Cultural Centre of Florinians “O Aristotelis” (TCCOFA)
05:15 PMPontiaki Estia Musicians “Οι Μαυροθαλασσίτες”
06:10 PMBendjo Academy
06:25 PMGCM Dance Group | Zournades
06:50 PMPanagia Soumela Pontian Association of Melbourne
07:20 PMCretan Brotherhood & Pancretan Association Dance Group Collaboration
07:40 PMKarkanis Band
08:50 PMAnagennisi

LoveLonsdale Saturday

11:00 AMRythmos
12:00 PMCooking Demonstrations
02:30 PMOmiros College
02:55 PMPaddy and Wayne
03:45 PMOikogenia Anastasiadis
05:20 PMCats and the Canary
06:15 PMThat Changes
07:25 PMAnagennisi
08:45 PMDemotika
10:05 PMPaul Kaspar

LoveLonsdale Sunday

11:00 AMRythmos
12:00 PMCooking Demonstrations
02:55 PMDrama In The Family
03:55 PMThe Central Pontian Association of Melbourne and Victoria ‘Pontiaki Estia’ | Juniors
04:25 PMPegasus Dance Academy | Intermediate
04:50 PMPancretan Dancing Group
05:20 PMTotally Kicking Brass (TKB) Stage Perfomance
06:15 PMDimitris Varnas | Epirotika
07:15 PMHeirs of Apollo
08:05 PMDJ Thomas Nico
09:00 PMDJ Randy Lipz XXX

A&A Holdings Saturday

10:30 AMRythmos
11:35 AMMelbourne Bellydance
11:55 AMOpacize
12:20 PMInspirit Dance Fitness
12:45 PMFlambouro philanthropic society dance group
01:15 PMSophia Kiriakidis Greek Classical Guitar Solos
01:55 PMGales Edge | Acoustic
02:50 PMDimotica Alios
03:45 PMThe haBiBis
04:40 PMDimitris Varnas | Epirotika
05:35 PMAnthea & Mosaic Music
06:20 PMTsiftes
07:15 PMDio Patrides Band
08:25 PMPaul Kaspar
09:05 PMKosmos Events

A&A Holdings Sunday

11:00 AMRythmos
12:00 PMSt Johns College Dance Group
12:25 PMHarika Dance
12:40 PMValia Gianinska
01:00 PMIntermediates – Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne
01:20 PMArxondises
01:40 PMFreedom Dance Fitness
02:15 PMPegasus Dance Academy | Junior
02:40 PMViglatores Dance Group Seminar
03:20 PMGales Edge | Electric
04:15 PMTaxithi Project
05:10 PMAntonis Bouzouki & YK Entertainment
06:00 PMVeleCon
06:55 PMCypriot Style Entertainment
07:50 PMAgapi & Friends
08:50 PMCats and the Canary




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