Institute of Macedonian Studies to hold Basis concert dedicated to Hellenism in Asia Minor


The Institute of Macedonian Studies, after the publication and release of the epic book on Imvros and Tenedos, has organised with the consensus of the Greek Community of Melbourne and the Cypriot Community of Melbourne and in collaboration with the Australian Research Institute, a concert and dance evening with the great performer of selected Greek songs, Dimitris Basis, on Saturday, May 28, 2022, in the fully renovated Stars International Hall, 1c Bell Street, Preston, from 7.30 to 1.30.

This great cultural evening is dedicated to the Hellenism of Asia Minor, the years of its prosperity but also to the years of uprooting from 1922 onwards.

In the first part of the evening, the charismatic Dimitris Basis will perform compositions by Theodorakis, Markopoulos, Loizos, songs of Mitropanos and his own as well as folk songs, which refer to Hellenism. In the second part follows the dance program with Dimitris Basis, performing selected songs loved by the Hellenes.

An anniversary program of 40 pages will be released with notes on Asia Minor and the Anatolia where Hellenism acted, from the years of Alexander the Great to the Regiment of Cretan Evzones of Colonel Nikolaos Plastiras, the Satan Esker (Devils Army) as the Turkish fighters called it, in the depths of Asia and Saggarios.

The Anniversary Program, supported financially by sponsorships of Greek businesses, will be released in hundreds of copies and will be distributed after the event to schools, in addition to be presented to all those who will attend the event.

The current restrictions of the epidemic crisis will allow only a limited number of people to attend. The event will be accompanied by Dimitris Basis and his orchestra, as well as by the orchestra that will accompany the performer Doukissa Filippou.

The ticket price of $150 and $120 includes a full dinner, with two bottles of wine on the table, sweets, soft drinks and coffee.

“I will offer unforgettable moments and unspeakable emotion to our guests. They will leave the event with memories of an unforgettable Greek night,” Dimitris Basis stressed

For reservations and tables those interested can call 0436 415 999, as well as to the executives of the Institute of Macedonian Studies, Mr. Panagiotis Gogidis 94656218, Mr. Nikos Papakonstantinou 0451032924, Mr. Stavros Petrou 0416252722, and Mr. Christos Mantzios 046871581. They can also communicate electronically at the addresses:;;

Any surplus from the event will be allocated to research as well as to the Cultural Sponsorships and Scholarship Program of the Institute of Macedonian Studies. In a later briefing, the names of the Sponsors of the Event will be mentioned.

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