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Dionysus Theatre Company provides plenty of laughs at premiere of ‘I have a goal, your Honour’




The Dionysus Theatre Company opened to huge applause on Friday, September 18, with the premiere of their comedy, ‘I have a goal, Your Honour’ (Εχω Στόχο Κύριε Πρόεδρε), directed by Loui Sarris.

Written by George Haralambidis, the play is set in 1976 when the Greek government decided to build a waste treatment site between Attica and Keratsini in Piraeus, despite opposition from the locals. On the day of the inauguration, the main pipe broke, filling the streets with waste.

This historical background was expertly laid out on opening night with an interesting pre-recording, followed by the introduction of some of the most eccentric characters you’ve ever met.

Some of the eccentric characters in ‘I have a goal, your Honour.’ Photo by The Greek Herald.

People couldn’t contain their laughter as poor pensioner, Lazarus, who was told by a coffee cup reader that he would die soon, decided to give all his money to his friend Fonda, with instructions on how to organise his lavish funeral.

Upon hearing that Lazarus had died in hospital, Fonda, a broke coddler with two lazy, unemployed kids, Aliki and Niko, and a nagging wife, Dimitra, sets about planning an extravagant dinner.

The dinner is attended by the local priest, the policewoman Stasa, and the vivacious Vaso with her new boyfriend Panteli, a wealthy greengrocer. But it’s during these celebrations that the situation takes a sudden turn.

The play was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Photo by The Greek Herald.

“The play satirises society in general and encourages our audience to judge and look at themselves in a different way,” Christine Gazepis Stavropoulos, an actress in the play and the theatre’s Media and Marketing Coordinator, tells The Greek Herald.

“At the end of the day, theatre is a foundation of Greek culture and we want everyone to enjoy themselves because we don’t want our culture to fade away.”

To ensure this enjoyment throughout the night, the theatre also adhered to COVID-19 social distancing measures. This is something Christine says was important to protect the audience.

“We have a COVID-19 plan in place which includes taking the names and numbers of people at the door, checking temperatures and people are allowed to wear masks if they want,” Christine says.

For many, such as audience member, Olivia Korkidas, who attended the opening night, these safety precautions, as well as the uplifting atmosphere, made the play one to remember.

“It was a great night out showcasing local Greek acting talent, in the newly renovated Mytilenian house. A barrel of laughs in a COVID-safe environment. Just what the doctor ordered! Highly recommend,” Olivia told The Greek Herald after the premiere.

If that’s not a glowing review, we don’t know what is!

Limited tickets are still available for the play’s final weekend of performances on Saturday, September 26 from 7.30pm – 9.30pm, and Sunday, September 27 from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.

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