Australian Hellenic Medical Charity raises $30,000 for Nicosia hospital


On the evening of May 17, the Australian Hellenic Medical Charity Incorporated (AHMCI) hosted their annual gala, this year dedicated to fundraising for the Paediatric Clinic at Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus. The night was a resounding success, raising approximately $30,000.

The raised funds will be directed towards procuring essential medical equipment, aimed to enhance the quality of care provided to children at the clinic, ensuring they receive the best possible medical services.

Professor Andreas Evdokiou, President of the Cyprus Community of South Australia and AHMCI Board member, drew the connection of diaspora identity to the efforts to fundraise for the AHMCI’s cause.

“Our language, our culture and our religion. Hellenism. It is us, the Hellenes, who have [the values of] philanthropy and philotimo, therefore it is very important to uphold the values that we have, and we must always be very proud of our heritage…,” the Professor said.

“Our philotimo and our philanthropy is the reason we are here tonight… to raise funds to purchase vital medical equipment for the children’s clinic at the Makarios General Hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus.”

The importance of this year’s gala cannot be overstated. The Paediatric Clinic at Makarios III Hospital is a critical facility that receives and caters to the healthcare needs of children all over Cyprus.

By attending the gala, guests contributed to a cause that will make a tangible difference in the lives of many children and their families. As Professor Evdokiou outlined, the funds raised will go a long way in enhancing the clinic’s capabilities and ensuring that children receive the care they deserve.

“On the tour of the hospital [in 2023]… it was apparent that there were a lot of things that were missing, and they weren’t asking for much (i.e. the big ticket items). Rather it was the everyday items that the clinics use [that were required],” he explained.

The Professor said that the basic bedside monitors which measure all typical physiological signals (hearth rate, blood pressure etc) were absent from a lot of hospital rooms.

“Our aim is for every bed in the clinic to have one of these monitors that measure vital signs for every child,” he added.

Kosta Barkoukis, President of the AHMCI, echoed the comments of Professor Evdokiou and thanked the Cyprus Community of SA for their support and expressed his joy in being able to facilitate a contribution to the hospital of Nicosia.

australian hellenic medical charity

In August 2023, Professor Evdokiou, on behalf of the Cyprus Community of SA and AHMCI, officially pledged a donation of 50,000 euros to the Paediatric Clinic at a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia, Cyprus. The funds raised from the gala will contribute to this pledge, a testament to AHMCI’s unwavering commitment to improving the health outcomes and services for the children of Cyprus.

Following the auction and fundraising efforts, the atmosphere was enlivened by live entertainment from Adelaide Band Kosmos, whose performance engaged and entertained guests throughout the night.

australian hellenic medical charity
australian hellenic medical charity

Reflecting on the success of past events, this year’s gala followed in the footsteps of previous fundraising initiatives. Last year’s event, which raised $120,000 for the Ikaria Hospital in Greece, demonstrated the power of community philotimo and charitable giving. Over the past six years of AHCMI’s efforts, the charity has raised $650,000 to promote better health outcomes and improved healthcare standards for hospitals in Greece.

The AHMCI board consists of the following members: The Honourbale Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of SA, Chris Kourakis (Patron), Kosta Barkoukis (President), Connie Loutas-Zisos, Despina Pastrikos (Treasurer), Prof. Andreas Evdokiou, Dr Andrew Zisos (Medical Advisors), Lukasz Wyszynski (AHMCI lawyer), Tim Stivahtaris and Sotos Phillis.

*All photos copyright The Greek Herald / Peter Tantalos.




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