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Sydney critical care nurse, Katina Skylas, opens up about being on the COVID-19 frontline




Sydney critical care nurse, Katina Skylas, has opened up about being on the frontline during the war against COVID-19 and the current lockdown in New South Wales.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Ms Skylas says she is terrified for herself, her patients and her family whenever she walks into the intensive care unit during her work shifts.

“You see some really sick people, young and old, in isolation rooms all by themselves. For us not being able to provide care to their families is so tough,” Ms Skylas tells The Daily Telegraph.

“Our job is to help people and if we can’t provide them with treatment then our job is to offer them dignity in their death and that’s really difficult right now. It’s tragic.”

ICU staff prepare one of the 6 COVID-19 positive patient’s who is leaving St Vincent’s Hospital’s ICU for a COVID-19 ward. Sydney, NSW. 13th July, 2021. Photo: Kate Geraghty.

The nurse adds that she’s seen patients who were once young and healthy struggling to breathe while isolated from the people they love most, young people debilitated by the virus, in wheelchairs for months after, and patients die as they said goodbye to families over zoom.

It’s for this reason Ms Skylas has joined thousands of other frontline workers in calling for people to get vaccinated against the deadly virus.

She’s urged people to listen to experts when deciding on vaccination.

“Really pick your evidence and research that you are making a decision from, not just some person you see on Facebook. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but make sure it’s informed. Trust in science,” she told the Australian newspaper.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.

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