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Pandora Papamihail makes one woman’s charm bracelet dream a reality




In August 2022, Ineke Blakeman submitted a story from her childhood to ABC Radio National’s “Life in 500 Words” segment about her dream of owning a charm bracelet.

Touched by the story, listener, charm collector, and member of the International Vintage Charm Group, Pandora Papamihail, reached out to ABC RN’s producers asking to connect with Ineke.

Pandora spoke with Ineke and asked questions about her family and interests, with the intention of creating a personalised and meaningful charm bracelet for her.

In the end, Pandora, together with 13 other charm collectors from Australia, the US and the UK, donated 30 vintage and antique charms – including a miniature Volkswagen, the car Ineke’s father taught her to drive in, and forget-me-not flowers, which were grown by Ineke’s father who died when she was 18. 

In March 2023, Ineke and Pandora met for lunch in Sydney, along with charm collectors Kim and Kyria, and a friendship was born. 

“They’ve given this gorgeous and generous gift to me, someone they don’t even know, just because they were touched by my story,” Ineke told ABC News.

“Words can’t fully express my joy, amazement and gratitude for this… It has fulfilled a childhood dream.”

Source: ABC RN. 

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