Adelaide yiayia raises nearly $20,000 for HeartKids charity by baking Greek shortbread


Like any typical Greek yiayia, Katerina Iliopoulos would do anything for her four children and 11 grandchildren who she ‘loves to spend time with.’

That’s why when Katerina’s granddaughter, Zoe, was born with a heart condition and the family received support from the HeartKids charity, she decided to give back and raise money for other families affected by congenital heart disease.

HeartKids aims to give every child diagnosed with congenital heart disease a fighting chance of leading a long and fulfilling life. The charity funds research, advocates for people with the disease and offers guidance, information and support throughout their journey.

“I was shocked to discover how many families faced the same situation and to learn what they had to go through and I wanted to help,” Katerina tells The Greek Herald exclusively.

This decision has seen Katerina raise nearly $20,000 for HeartKids over three years by baking and selling mountains of Greek shortbread.

“I love to bake and have been doing so all my life,” the 65-year-old says.

“I have been making Greek shortbread in the shape of a heart for many years using my mother’s secret recipe and thought that by baking and selling them I could raise some money to help. I started selling to family and friends and through word of mouth I now make thousands a year.”

Katerina was helped throughout her fundraising journey by her family and the friends she has made over the years when working with Adelaide’s Greek community and volunteering at the local church as much as possible by baking cakes and biscuits.

Katerina Iliopoulos is a finalist in the Westfield Local Heroes this year.

“I get a great deal of support from my family and friends who assist in taking orders, delivering the biscuits and promoting fundraising. I also get donations of ingredients from Drakes supermarkets who also promote the HeartKids foundation,” she stresses.

This huge effort has seen Katerina also nominated for a Westfield Local Heroes Award this year which she says is a ‘great honour’ as she is ‘delighted’ to do her part alongside many other supporters and volunteers.

“It would be wonderful to win this award as it would raise another $10 000 for children and their families in need of support,” she concludes.

You can vote for Katerina before Monday, August 30, 2021 here.




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