‘We want to be competitive’: Jimmy Patikas to take reins at Inner West Hawks


By Takis Triadafillou

On Wednesday, September 27, at Arlington Oval, there was an exclusive presentation for the Inner West Hawks as they announced that well-known coach and former Socceroos legend Jimmy Patikas was taking over the reins of the club as head coach. The Greek Herald was invited to the presentation by the Club’s President George Phillips and we interviewed both Mr Phillips and Mr Patikas.

George Phillips, welcome to the sports pages of The Greek Herald. Please tell us how you decided and why you chose Jimmy Patikas as the coach of the Inner West Hawks.

George Phillips: Thank you on behalf of the entire board and the team for giving us the opportunity to exclusively introduce new coach Jimmy Patika and our plans. As you all know, our team is a historic team whose main purpose has been to be able to promote the Greek athletic ideal for many years, resulting in a change of name to spread throughout the region the possibility of participation of many young players, Greek children and not only. I took over the team four years ago and we managed to stand financially and walk on solid foundations.

How was Mr Patikas selected and what are your plans?

George Phillips: We all know Jimmy Patikas as a player and coach. We believe that with his experience and player selections we will be able to create a remarkable team that will star in the league. At the same time, we will have an influx of new talent-players who will strengthen our goals. As President of the team, together with the board, we contacted Jimmy Patikas, who had stopped his cooperation with Sydney Olympic, and we decided to invite him and make him the offer to take over the A team, which he accepted. We believe that the selection of Jimmy Patikas will bring about the reorganisation of the team and at the same time will become a pole of attraction not only for young players but also for the fans of our historic team.

Mr Phillips, we wholeheartedly wish you success in all your projects and we will certainly be with you to inform our readership widely.

George Phillips: Thank you too, and we would like you to be with us in the new football year.

Jimmy, we’re talking again, but on a different team and league.

Jimmy Patikas: First of all, thank you for coming to me as head coach of the historic Stanmore Hawks team and now called Inner West Hawks. Indeed, after a long period of time, 10 years of cooperation with Sydney Olympic, I decided to change page and course to a different team, which motivates me to create and develop. I have several old friends and advisors in the A team. When I came back from Greece, I took over the Canterbury Berries and helped them reorganise and Dulwich Hill later. Which proves the experience I have in developing teams

Jimmy, what are your goals for your new team?

Jimmy Patikas: My goals are to create a competitive team with high goals. The mix of old and new players will be able to upgrade the performance picture in every game. At the same time, to become a pole of attraction for young children with goals and visions in local football and to utilise their talent under solid foundations and with modern development techniques.




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