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Miltos Tentoglou jumps for gold at 2021 European Athletics Championship




Greek long jump athlete Miltos Tentoglou has placed first in long jump at the 2021 European Athletics Championship, making him a back to back European Champion.

The Greek champion measured 8.35 meters from his first jump in the final at Torun to win the gold medal as he edged out Sweden’s Thobias Montler by four centimetres. Finland’s Kristian Pulli was third with 8.24 meters.

Tentoglou skipped his second, third and sixth attempt, while his fourth and fifth were invalid.

The Greek athlete is only 22 years old and already has multiple gold medals to his name. He is looking to add to this collection at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

He initially started as a freerunner and parkourer until a coach saw him in action at the age of 15, urging him to try athletics. Since then, he’s been dominating youth and professional competitions.

Speaking before the final, he said he felt great and he believed he could come close to his personal best, which is 8.38 meters.

“The competition is being held under difficult circumstances but even without any spectators it is still a European Championship and I want to give all my best,” he added.

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